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I grew up a military brat and have lived all over the country. Born in Kailua, Hawai’i  I then moved all around the Eastern Seaboard, then to Ohio… Let’s just say I miss living on a beach being surrounded by the ocean.  I’ve been back to Hawai’i but it’s never enough for me. I’d be perfectly fine living on a sandy beach in a one room hut underneath a coconut tree.

I went to college in Virginia and have been living back in the DC area since graduating. Some of my best friends are here as well as my dad and his family. I love being close to them as it keeps me from having to travel for every holiday! The rest of my family is in Ohio. ALL of them. I like to think I’m the one who got away since the Midwest isn’t exactly a culinary destination unless you’re looking for cheese, butter, and corn. If so, they’re your people.  Being a picky eater as a kid (pasta and salads, no meat or pizza; weird huh?) I never thought I’d be where I am today in terms of adventurous eating. A few weeks ago I ate jellyfish and beef tendon (and loved it) – – 10 years ago I would have said you were crazy for making me eat a cheeseburger! Look how far I have come.

In terms of my cooking abilities I am no chef, but am in love with one. I am pretty much self-taught and have watched my mother (an avid baker) and my stepmother (an amazing cook) over the years.   I have taken a couple cooking classes recently and the one I may need a remedial course on is knife skills as a certain someone would surely point out to you.  It takes some skill (or being a spaz) to cut yourself with the hand that holds the knife. I have the scar to prove that one.  In my defense I was nervous working in a kitchen with such a professional and his freshly sharpened knives.

So, after a year of waffling on deciding whether or not to start this blog; here it is.  Obviously I have a lot of work to do with formatting, posting stories and recipes, and other general blogly duties. If you have any suggestions for a newbie please, please leave me some feedback and constructive criticism! I am by no means a writer so I am sure I have grammatical errors out the wazoo already! This is mostly just a place for me to write down my recipes and post my photos which I am also working on perfecting.

Thanks for stopping by and ~Aloha~!


Cunning Culinaire

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2 Responses to “About: If You’re Curious”
  1. Gerke says:

    Dude, I can see those buckeyes in the banner. Where are MY buckeyes? GIVE ME BUCKEYES!!!

  2. Yup, those are Buckeyes! You shouldn’t have left work! Let me know when you want me to make a batch and I will deliver them to the other side of the world…AKA Adams Morgan 🙂

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