And so it goes…another recipe submission and no success. I am determined to win a cookbook one way or another! Week three of the Rick Bayless Twitter Recipe Challenge might have been the trickiest by far with a tropical scallop ceviche.

Having never made a ceviche before, I was a little hesitant to use raw scallops. Unless you are getting your seafood delivered fresh to your door there is no way to know how long it has been sitting out, but feeling confident with Wegmans’ sea scallops I ventured into unknown territory. I also like to think my stomach is made of steel.

Rick’s tweeted recipe for the week went as follows:  8oz slicd raw scallops+1c grapefrt j:45 min.Drain;blend 2/3c juice,1-2 chipotles,4 rstd grlc,2T br sgr.Mix w scal, red on,trop fruit,jicama

I started by thinly slicing the scallops along the grain. This proved to be somewhat difficult since my knives aren’t as sharp as they should be…

After adding the juice to the sliced scallops I stuck the bowl in the fridge for about an hour or so. Meanwhile, I roasted the garlic for the sauce and prepared the fruit and jicama- using a mix of pineapple, mango, and papaya as the “tropical fruit”.  I wasn’t sure how to prepare the jicama. Any time I have eaten it in the past it has been served in a thick Juliene style so that you can dip it. I sort of did the same for this recipe creating small matchsticks.

Once the sauce was finished I tasted a piece of scallop with the fruit and I found the ceviche to be a little too sweet for my liking. I ignored this for the moment and continued to think of creative ways to plate it without it looking too cheesy. I hate when restaurants serve ceviche in martini glasses…

Above is the final pic that I submitted. I had accidentally omitted the red onion so I had to hurry to incorporate it for a final shot. Honestly, I preferred some other pictures I had taken before I noticed the onion was missing. This is what happens when you aren’t completely prepared I guess.

Maybe it is not so surprising that I didn’t win this week as my pictures didn’t come out as great as I had wanted them to I was trying to keep them from looking over worked. This idea didn’t work in  my favor either.   Judging from the winning photos the martini glass was the obvious, albeit outdated, presentation they were looking for after-all!

There’s always next week. Stay tuned for the final installment of the Twitter Challenge!

  1. Sean says:

    Looks good! How did you like it? I participated in this round too, but used red grapefruit juice because it was all we could find. We ended up eating most of the big bowl of ceviche, but to the point of sickness. 🙂

    Here’s how mine turned out:

    I didn’t win this one either. I, like you, wanted to avoid the expected martini glass but I guess sometimes convention is good!

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