These are a Few of My Favorite Things – Sunday Coffee

While this is not a recipe for a dinner or a dessert I feel it’s more a recipe for enjoying life. I find nothing more comforting than having a slow, calm morning doing anything I want at my own pace. Unfortunately this is a luxury I rarely afford to myself.  It often takes a little bit of coercion to get myself to sit down, make a pot of coffee, and do a little reading (or writing).

As I admire such a simple contraption as a French press I think about involvement in the process. Grinding the beans, boiling the water, allowing the coffee to steep, then pouring the press’ steaming, hot contents into a ceramic mug. Sorry Starbucks, your rapid-fire distribution of overly acidic and often watered down coffee cannot compare to my Sunday coffee ritual.

Being involved in a process seems to be a sort of renaissance for the modern era. You see it everywhere; hands-on cooking classes, farm-to-table meals, urban gardens, planting herbs in your window sill, even personal French presses at your local coffee shop… This participation allows you to gain a sense of ownership of a product or an idea while enjoying its evolution. Involvement can be for a variety of reasons – education, charity, appreciation, improvement or simply a love of something. Whatever your reason, it will evoke a “stop and smell the roses” effect.

Farms seem to be the leaders in this idea. Sites like Nudo encourage the support of Italian olive farmers. As the “process” becomes more machine-dependent we lose the rusticity of traditional olive oils. By  adopting an olive tree  you become involved – supporting the farming process while reaping the benefits with your very own oil produced from your adoptive tree! Win-win, right? Local Virginia farm, Gryffon’s Aerie, is owned by dear friends of ours Collins and Ramona Huff.  These two are purveyors of the finest local meats that anyone could ask for. They encourage visits to their farm and when they visit DC area farmers markets are quick to educate people for the love of all their animals. Happy animals lead to better tasting food – or that’s been my experience, at least.

Bringing us closer to the foods we eat we begin to gain a respect for the hard work that is quickly being replaced by machines and mega-corporations. By doing something as simple as buying your bread from a local baker or cooking with homegrown vegetables we can work to protect true quality of the foods we eat and give ourselves a sense of well-being.

~That’s my two cents for the day and something to think about while you enjoy your coffee this morning.~

2 Responses to “These are a Few of My Favorite Things – Sunday Coffee”
  1. Fun As We GO says:

    Great insight!

    (and I am right there with you about Starbucks!)

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