These are a Few of My Favorite Things – Sunday Coffee

While this is not a recipe for a dinner or a dessert I feel it’s more a recipe for enjoying life. I find nothing more comforting than having a slow, calm morning doing anything I want at my own pace. Unfortunately this is a luxury I rarely afford to myself.  It often takes a little … Continue reading

Food Photo Contest: Rick Bayless’s Twitter Challenge Week 2

Week 2- Last night Rick posted his recipe for Week 2 of the Twitter Recipe Challenge: @Rick_Bayless This week’s recipe (harder than last weeks): Roasted Enchiladas w Creamy Tomatillo Sauce and Melted Cheese. Recipe is my next Tweet @Rick_Bayless  Rst 1#tomtllos,1 on,3 grlc,3 serranos;puree;sear n oil 2 thkn;simr w 2c broth,.5c crema.Oil,micrwv 12 torts,roll w … Continue reading

Fry Me to the Moon – Frickles and Fried Onions!

Now before you get too excited I must send out a disclaimer:  I am in NO WAY responsible for the outcome of eating such things. I made these merely as an experiment and I apologize in advance as they may cause you to derail from any healthy diet plan that you may be on. Please … Continue reading

Food Photo Contest: Rick Bayless’s Twitter Challenge Week 1

To my surprise, Rick Bayless has started a four week long contest to promote his latest cookbook – ‘Fiesta at Rick’s’.  Naturally I jumped at this opportunity given my love for Mexican food and any sort of cooking competition. The whole idea behind the contest is to decipher Rick’s 140 character recipe and you do … Continue reading